A seminar by Kengo Nagahashi: Practical Approach for Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Time: 14:00 on March 10, 2017

Place: room 816, Ta Quang Buu Library, HUST

Presenter:  Kengo Nagahashi, Ph.D.

Title: Practical Approach for Machine Learning and Deep Learning


Since Machine Learning and Deep Learning are big movement in many countries, many companies intend to introduce its solution or improve revenues/cost down. Future Bridge Partners is data science consulting company and experienced several integration machine learning and deep learning to Japanese bcompany. In this seminar, we introduce ML/DL adaption for companies as our practice in addition we will provide simple technical training of ML/DL using R and Python.

More about speaker: 

Kengo Nagahashi graduated Keio University supervised By Prof. Jun Murai of Internet Architecture and finally received Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Tokyo 2005 supervised By Prof. Hiroshi Esaki for Analysis of Border Gateway Protocol Behavior. After working as post-doc fellow at Computer Laboratory at University of Cambridge , he joined Nikko Citi Group as Security Analyst to seek business opportunity as an analyst.

After 3 years of experience as an analyst, he launch Future Bridge Partners Co. Ltd. on March, 2009 to broad his knowledge and experience as an analyst and industry specialist. He is currently working as Management Consulting and Data Analysis to support Business Administration, IT Strategy and Management Strategy for SMB and Big Company mainly in Japan. He published several books including“Introduction to Networking”(Kodansha, 2008), “Playbook for IT company strategy” (ShuwaSystem,2011), “Big Data Strategy” (Shuwa System,2012) and “Smart Phone Business Model” (Shuwa System,2013).