3 new papers appear at Top-tier journals

Many students got new papers published at international journals which have top-tier quality:

  1. Bach, Tran Xuan, Nguyen Duc Anh, Linh Ngo Van, and Khoat Than. “Dynamic transformation of prior knowledge into Bayesian models for data streams.” Accepted, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2021.
  2. Ha Nguyen, Hoang Pham, Son Nguyen, Linh Ngo Van, Khoat Than. “Adaptive Infinite Dropout for Noisy and Sparse Data Streams,” Machine Learning journal111pages 3025–3060, 2022.
  3. Tung Nguyen, Trung Mai, Nam Nguyen, Linh Ngo Van, Khoat Than. “Balancing stability and plasticity when learning topic models from short and noisy text streams”. NeurocomputingVolume 505, Pages 30-43, 2022.